A Besta Makeover


Materials: BESTA

Description: My boyfriend has had this old Ikea Besta for years.  We’ve had it hidden away in the guest room but I decided to remake it into an entry way console.

Besta bookcase BEFORE

Because it is a laminate, I used Zinsser Cover Stain Oil Primer to prime the bookcase for paint.  The great thing with this particular primer is that there is no need to sand.


I chose to paint the bookcase a glossy charcoal gray.  Probably not the best choice but I wanted it to have a good amount of sheen.

Gloss gray and boring

Turns out, gray is pretty boring by itself!  I decided to add a bit of sparkle by doing a 2″ wide stripe of gold leaf along the sides and top.  I also gold leafed the front of each shelf.  It was a weekend’s worth of work and well worth it!

In Progress, leafing