Couch table with a snack drawer


This is a combination of LACK and Expedit.

Build LACK like in the manual.

For Expedit we needed more components. At first you need this here:

Full page photo

And we needed a wooden plank that was in the color of the Expedit. This plank should be around 35.5 cm x 35.5 cm.

And depending on floor you may need some furniture gliders (e.g. I don’t need this because I have a carpet floor). I found all these components at Ikea.

You build Expedit like in the manual with one exception. You apply the wall mount reversed and add the two extra wall mounts in the same way. In my picture I already added the visual cover of the wall mounts:



Like I said you need a plank with the measures of 35.5 cm x 35.5 cm. Like you can see on my picture I have to saw down the plank:


I’m sure you can do it better than me. 😀
Now you simply have to push it in the Expedit which can be really hard, depending on your sawing skills.



So that’s it! Maybe you wanna add a handle. There are several types at Ikea. 😉

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