Hackers help: IKEA Malm Headboard Onto Existing Frame?

Frame I would like to and a Malm headboard to

Hi Everyone. I would like to add a Malm Headboard to my existing bed frame. I would put it on legs and place over the arm of this futon/bed frame. (It’s my regular frame and its always open. It’s flush against a wall and the lower sides toward the head of the bed are pretty hidden, 1 side has a dresser next to it and the other side is also against a wall/window). I am really a novice but I am thinking of ways to do this and am hopeful some can give me some insight or help. I don’t have a power drill but can buy an inexpensive one. I don’t have a saw but can buy a hand one for like $10.

I would put the Malm headboard on 2 legs, and place put it over the arm. Here is a photo of the frame that is just like mine (plus a drawing of what it looks like when a frame like that is open. And there is a little render I made of the placement of things as they would be seen from behind. Excuse how uneven.Bi-Fold-with-Arms

Where I want to put the Malm headboard

For the first step, on Rachel and Zoey’s hack, I saw that they put a piece of wood on the length of bottom of the malm h/b so that the screws had something strong to go into since the Malm is not solid. So I’m pretty sure I need to do that. I’m going to check in with Home Depot today about pre-cut wood, should it be any particular kind? Sorry guys, really novice. And to adhere, I just gorilla glue and use nails or screws, right? I don’t have a clamp/vice to set it, can i gorilla glue, then use hammer and nails, then stand the joined pieces perpendicular to the floor and let the weight of the headboard do the job?

2. Then I think I need to add legs to the h/b, one at each end. How do I attach those? Do I use those dowl-like big double ended screws? Or will a bunch of braces be okay. They seem like they might be easier.

3. Then I gotta put h/b w/ legs over the top of the arm, set it into place and somehow attach the bottom of the headboard to the arm so it’s not just resting there but joined. The arm is 2” wide (around the same as the Malm hb thickness) and has about a 1” lip sticking out, can I screw screws from underneath the lip up into the bottom of the headboard? Maybe Gorrilla glue it first? And/or maybe L-braces? I know this doesn’t hold it up and just puts it in place, but …

4. Then to keep it held up I was thinking to take 3’ or so piece of wood, maybe ¾” thick and less than 2” wide, to run from ¾ from the top of the hb to ¾’s of the way to the bottom of the legs i added. That will give it some hold to stay up I’m thinking? I heard there’s some wood the malm hb around the perimeter a bit over a ½ inch wide, will that be enough wood for me to use to adhere the wood plank to?

5. Then I believe there’s 4-6” width of wood running down the middle inside the malm hb, is that about right? So I could do either the same board plank idea there but what about running one of those tension wire rope cable things and that would actually hold it up for sure (i think). I could run it from ¾’s from the top of the h/b (maybe securing it with something like either an eye bolt, or a vertically placed fence bracket, something like that, or some other kind of bracket with a space to loop the wire through, to down to the last horizontal wood piece on the frame arm, loop it around that an fasten with wire rope clips. That would hold the headboard up and take the pressure off the wood planks. I have no idea if that will pull it then too hard, or if it just isn’t the right thing to do altogether for some reason, or what.

Any thoughts the planning above? What will work, what wouldn’t, what I should add and any advice on the logistics, etc?