Wallpapered Closet


You will need:
-Engan closet
-2 rolls of wallpaper
-double sided tape or glue spray
-scissors, ruler etc.


First you need to buy the closet and choose the wallpaper. Then one by one you need to measure the size of every closet wall and cut the wallpaper accordingly (remember about leaving a small margin so that the wallpaper could overlap slightly).



Then cover all the walls with glue or tape and attach the wallpaper (re-attachable glue would be recommended, but sadly it’s not always strong enough). Start with the inside part, then move on to the outside and remember that if you choose a geometric pattern it would be nice if the pattern matched. Once all the closet parts are covered in wallpaper you need to assemble the closet according to Ikea instructions. The concept in itself is very easy, quite impressive, but time and patience consuming 🙂

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