Christmas card IKEA manual style

This year we created a Christmas greeting card that looked like an IKEA manual. Instead of IKEA we called it IDEA. It’s a manual explaining in a funny way the birth of Jesus. The journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem, but first going to IDEA to buy a stable, crib and a star. Once in Bethlehem, Joseph had to build their own stable. Mary is almost giving birth to Jesus while Joseph is putting a star on top of the stable.

At the back of the manual is a text, saying: Fred på Jord means peace on earth. Unfortunately there is no do-it-yourself package for peace. But there is something we can do, BE POSITIVE even when things go bad. Laugh with someone and the will laugh with you. Everyday is worth celebrating when we think: hurray, it’s today!

 Twaalfdozijn kk-basis1 Twaalfdozijn kk-basis2 Twaalfdozijn kk-basis3 Twaalfdozijn kk-basis4 Twaalfdozijn kk-basis5 Twaalfdozijn kk-basis6 Twaalfdozijn kk-basis8Twaalfdozijn kk-basis7

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