Alright, so after using a microwave cart for months, the hunt was on for a quality TV stand. There were none at IKEA that fit the theme of my family room. So I after getting inspired by this. I decided to devote my Sunday to making my own.

I bought the EXPEDIT 2×4 bookshelf, 2 EXPEDIT Insert with door, and EXPEDIT Insert with 2 drawers. Total about $120. And then I bought some corner braces at Walmart for $5.

Tools I used: power drill, screwdrivers, measuring tape, hand saw, pencil, masking tape, hammer.


Okay. Time to explain this diagram.

Red Diagonal lined pieces were cut and discarded. Width was too wide. Height was too high. and middle piece had to fit into new height.

Green Diagonal lined pieces were not used from package.

Solid Teal Rectangle was used horizontally and stabilized by vertical (recently cut) Solid Blue Rectangle and Vertical Purple Square. Due to placement, I had to drill new holes into left side of frame and the right side of the vertical Solid Blue Rectangle.

Orange Dotted Circle = Drilled new holes into frame. Used full size wooden pegs (supplied in EXPEDIT package)

Pink Dotted Circle = Wooden pegs fit into existing holes. But wooden pegs were sawed in half, too avoid pegs poking up/out.

Salmon Dotted Circle = Drilled new holes into plywood, and  wooden pegs were sawed in half, too avoid poking out.

After Teal, Blue and Purple were set. I added in the Horizontal Yellow Square. Then went on to adding on right side frame. and then bottom frame.

Once all pieced together, I drilled in some corner braces, for extra support. Definitely necessary since the frame is mostly stuffed cardboard. (See below)


Once skeleton of TV stand was complete. I followed the instructions for the cabinet doors and drawers. These were perfect add-ons because they covered up existing holes in frame that were not used, and some scratches from saw. Whoops!

and now you’re done! New TV stand. Cabinets are great for blankets. Bottom right spot is a nice little space for DVDs (Mostly for display… Too many good streaming services hooked up to my TV!) and the drawers are perfect for extra AV wires.

This project involves very precise measuring, a LOT of patience/time, and would help to have a partner! (I did this alone, and it slowed down the process.)

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