Laiva book case to utility drawer


I came up with an idea when I saw the Laiva book case at Ikea to build a utility drawer where I can store the broom and other cleaning tools in a closet (or long drawer). I always fancied long and thin drawers. Laiva seems to have all the components to build one with less cutting wood work. All it needed was to be rearranged and joined together.

In our kitchen we have a small space between the fridge and kitchen table top, just nice to have this long drawer. I’m not professional so it took me two days to plan to rearrange all the components. It took me 2 sets of Laiva to build this as I needed more plate bases to convert as door panels. I also bought the drawer roller to make it roll in and out, just like a normal drawer.

Iphoto 1 (1) photo 2 (1) photo 3 photo 4