Custom front to Faktum cabinet with climbing rope knot as drawer knob

I liked to use a kitchen cabinet with three drawer for my desk. I choose the Faktum Cabinet since it is very spacious. I did two alterations though: I wanted to use my own front, made from wood that matches the rest of the office, and I wanted to use  knobs made from climbing rope.

ikeahacksEd 1

That is all very straight forward. For the front:

  • Cut the board in appropriately sized panels
  • (the most difficult part): Drill holes such that they can take the screws from the drawer. You have to work here very precisely, do exact measurements and drill carefully at the right places with the right diameter and depth

ikeahacks 1

For the knobs from climbing rope

  • Drill two holes (12mm each) with an horizontal distance of 4cm
  • Insert the rope through the first hole  – inside to outside – and make a figure eight knot ( and run through the other hole
  • cut the rope – the ends should be sealed by heating
  • nail the ends of the rope to the board

Knob from inside drawer

ikeahacksEd 2