Farmhouse Sink into Ikea Kitchen Cupboards

After scoring at a warehouse deal on this Shaw’s Fireclay sink at $200 (instead of $2400) because it was “biscuit” instead of white, my challenge began.  The task was to fit this +200lb sink into Ikea cabinets to match the rest of our kitchen design.  Centering the sink on the window, working with the plumbing connections, and Ikea’s (frustrating) limitations on cabinet/door combinations we settled on this 15/30 combination that would fit the 10″ deep by 39″ wide sink, and still live to tell about the weight of this beautiful beast.  Colour matching the biscuit sink with Beach White Diresco quartz countertop worked very well and we are thrilled with the results.  A few finishing touches sealed the deal on this important aspect of our great new kitchen.

I started with a 15″ and a 30″ Ikea case, assembled and also glued on all seams and hardware using PL premium.  Cases sit on a 2×6 toekick/plinth that is glued/screwed/levelled.  Then I cut down the inside walls to match the sink dimensions.  I added additional 2×4 to support the inside corners of the sink as well.


I added the last of the 2×4 cross bracing, then supplemented the whole assembly with 1.5″ galvanized steel angle.  With some finicky cutting/rasping, it fit in snug and level in all directions.  Notice the additional 3/4″ plywood and doubled-up portions of the old Ikea case. Measure the sink upside-down completely since the measurements on the cut sheet do not exactly match the sink once it is Kiln-cast.


With assistance (as it suggests on the box) we lifted the sink weighing over 200lbs up and into place, and it fit perfectly, sitting on a comfy bed of silicone across the top of the bearing surfaces.


Once the sink was set,I completed the drain, hose/tap, and dishwasher connections.  Three 15×18″ doors finish the lower cabinet, and three 15″ wide doors/drawers were scribed to follow the curved front of the sink.


Here is the final product, with the final 15″ door (cut 2 odd sides from 1 door), and a 15″ drawer in the middle, cut on a 45 deg. jigsaw table, with some delicate trimming/sanding, and a bead of white silicone to fill the seam (in case anything dribbles over the front of the sink).


Countertop templates before and a great install team finished the Diresco quartz counter, including an excellent sill extension in front of the new window.