Trifecta Perfecta – My Simple Expedit Hack

photo 22

I wanted to somehow create a ‘balancing cubes’ effect with the Expedit line for a unique bookcase. I thought about how to hack the single cube expedit shelving unit and eventually decided on using the long boards of a 1×1 expedit wall shelf combined with the shorter boards of 2 single cube expedit shelving units.


1 – 1×1 side-by-side Expedit wall shelf

2 – single cube Expedit shelving units

8 – extra wooden dowels (you can pick them up at ikea in the customer service dept)

power drill + different size bits


From the pictures you see that the first cube for the Trifecta bookcase is simply the 3 sides of the single cube Expedit shelving unit that I assembled. The top of this cube however is one of the longer boards from the 1×1 Expedit wall shelf. I used the provided Ikea screws for one side and drilled extra holes in the bottom of the longer board and just used dowels instead of screws for that side top because I did not want the screw tops to show.

For the 2nd level of the Trifecta I purposely offset the middle wall of the cube to the right more and used dowels for both sides by drilling new holes in the boards. The other side of the 2nd level is just another side board from either the 1×1 side-by-side Expedit or the single cube shelf unit.

photo 1photo 2

The top of this section is another long board from the 1×1 Expedit using a combination of screws and dowels and finally the top section is the other single cube Expedit shelf unit. Surprisingly it is quite stable especially if I put heavier items down below! I don’t really touch too many items on the shelf and I have mostly put frames and art on it so far.

Hope it inspires!