Faktum corner sink cabinet

Zdjęcie 03.03.2014 19 00 48

Zdjęcie 03.03.2014, 19 00 48

Materials: FAKTUM

When I decided that Faktum will become my kitchen furniture I faced a problem that there is no corner cabinet for sink. There were only two possible choices for corner cabinet: 90 by 90 cm and 120 by 60 cm. I went with the latter. First I decided that I have to shorten the cabinet by 20 cm – to 100 cm. I cut three elements: bottom base and those two upper joints.


Then I connected them with the side using confirmat screws – one for each top joint and three for the bottom.


I decided that it would be useful to have big, high drawer for trash bin so I mounted 40cm Rationell drawer on the bottom. I used some brackets I have left in my inventory to mount it to the bottom of the drawer.


I have replaced not visible front of the cabinet with cheapest white matte 60 cm Harlig door because original part has some holes drilled in it. Today I would rather use cover panel matching the style of the doors (white high-gloss Abstrakt). I cut a hole in the side so all the necessary pipes can go through. I have also added a 4 x 4 cm wooden bar to support the weight of the worktop.


I have put a custom wooden worktop on the cabinets and this is how the final result looks like.

Zdjęcie 03.03.2014, 19 00 48

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