Hackers Help: Stora bed turned into playhouse?

I am really hoping that someone out there can help me with this amazing hack using a Stora loft bed, with a Hemnes twin Playhouse bed underneath (done by JC Braithwhite) – does anyone know of somebody who can draw up plans/step by step instructions for a hack they’ve found and can’t stop thinking about?!

Photo: IKEA.com

My husband and I can be pretty handy, if we have guidelines to follow. I have a Stora bed sitting in my storage room and am seriously considering buying a second one that I found on Craigslist, because 2 daughters means we need 2 super cool playhouse beds. I live that the sleeping area is “downstairs” and playtime is up – seems safer for younger kids (and easier to change the sheets!)

My only Ikea hack was a pretty basic Lack hack that I followed a tutorial for. I didn’t know, Is there anyone out there that you can pay who can write up a tutorial for a Stora hacked into a playlist, with step-by-step instructions and plans? Is that something anyone does, like the way you can hire freelancers to draw plans in sketch up, does anyone here on Ikea Hackers do this?

Oh, and I need to be able to build something that cab be disassembled for a move and reassembled in the new location. I hope “hiring a hacker” is an actual thing and I’m not just a crazy person.

Thank you!

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