Mirror jewelry storage


Materials: STAVE mirror

Here is a easy storage for jewellery.

So I started out with a IKEA Stave mirror.  Then I took cork boards that I ripped apart so I was just left with the cork itself (because I couldn’t find a place that sold cork by the meter…). Then I cut it to size and glue-gunned them to the back of the mirror.  Now the mirror comes with hinges so I hung it up and now it open and closes like a door, pretty mirror in front and when you open it up it is the cork.  Then I just added pins to the cork and hung up my jewellery.  Now I have a good overview of my jewellery even though it’s hidden away. The best thing is the pins can be taken out and put in again and again, since you might want to reorganize when you get some new jewellery 😉