Wall shelf in Black&White


Materials: LACK

I added a little floral design touch to my corridor by painting a “Lack” wall shelf…and since I love to paint on walls, I didn’t stop at the mounting point 😉

Don’t have any talent when it comes to painting? Me neither – but I do have a decent home cinema projector and didn’t shy away from cheating a bit. I also love Black&White imagery: it’s easy to paint with a projector and looks great when done well! The original image I used as a template here was available on a stock picture site (actually it was this exact one). I bought a license for using the vector graphic, but unfortunately it doesn’t permit me to upload the original vector or even a high-res picture version of it, so I can only supply the link to the site here.

IMG_4605 IMG_4609

I only used the upper part of the picture and projected it onto my plain white Lack, then painted all the black parts. Any kind of paint that sticks on both the shelf and the wall will do. One thing was important: I wanted the whole front to be black, so I oriented and scaled the picture a bit to fit it nicely onto the shelf.

With the shelf finished, I moved the projector to the wall where it would be mounted. Installing the mounting hardware first is crucial, because then it’s easy to test-mount the shelf and mark all the points at which the black flowers and grass have to transition from the shelf to the wall. After removing the shelf again, I zoomed and moved the projected image to exactly fit the markings, so when the wall painting job was done, everything just fit together nicely.

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