Grundtal Spice Rack and Shelf get customized

2014-04-30 20.50.47

Materials: 2 Grundtal spice racks (discontinued, but available online through Ebay in the UK as of this posting).

Tools: Drill, titanium bits, and circular saw with blade for metal.

Reason for doing the project: I moved into a kitchen with two tiny drawers that could only accommodate my silverware and various size Ziplock bags. So I was thrilled to find the Grundtal kitchen rail and all the accessories. Unfortunately the shelf supports (for the spice rack and deep shelf) were too long to fit under my kitchen cabinets and above the stainless steel backsplash that comes up about 4 inches off the counter. So I knew I would have to cut the shelf supports and put new holes in make them work. So while I was going to go to all that trouble, I figured I would restructure the spice rack to fit my tiny spice jars and to be able to use the space above the outlet for the garbage disposer.

This is a picture of the original spice rack:

This is a picture of the two spice racks after I had finished customizing them:
2014-04-30 20.50.47

Here you can see it all installed. Also you can see the deep shelf which I had shortened the supports too (far left):

2014-04-30 20.38.41