IKEA FRÄCK Mirror become a vintage sun mirror

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I’ve become a mirror IKEA FRÄCK in a vintage mirror sun.

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I dismounted the FRÄCK mirror and drew its outline on the cardboard.

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Then I cut the cardboard circle and sewed around.

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I cut the four wires and introduced by threads.

I sewed the center of the wire and put the “star” that was on the tissue paper.

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I did a few angles on the wires with hot glue.

Then I put white glue for all paper and placed over another sheet of tissue paper.
I pressed with a cloth, marking wires and hot glue.
Then I repeated the process twice more: white glue, tissue paper sheet and press with cloth.

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I cut around the wire in the form of leaves and I have given convex shape to the leaves.
Then I made small leaves with leftover paper and stuck them in the circle.

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Finally, I hit the concave mirror IKEA FRÄCK.

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