DELSEV bed: Raising the Stakes


Materials: IKEA DELSEV

So I had an IKEA DELSEV single bed frame which i bought off someone who didn’t need it anymore. Great sturdy bed for $25, but I wanted more space in my rented room, so I decided to go loft. I did some research for ideas to convert my current bed, and found the perfect one at I made modifications to her plans so that I would be able to walk underneath without having to slouch. The hack only cost me $38 worth of timber, and this was the result after 3 days of cutting, sanding, partial assembly, staining and varnishing, and final assembly:

cutting to size all cuts done platform ladder preparing for stain/varnish preparing for stain/varnish delsev frame overall room view IMG_8381 ready for assembly assembly begins platform installed IMG_8393 view from above