Can a dog and a cat be bunk bed mates? Seems so!

Best bed mates on the cutest pet bunk bed ever.

I live in a 350-square foot NYC apartment and with me is Lola Mae and George Murray, the adorable pug and cat team.

duktig pet bunk bed
  • IKEA DUKTIG doll bed x 2

How I made the IKEA pet bunk bed

I bolted two DUKTIG wooden doll beds together to make the pet bunk bed. It wasn’t very hard to do.

All I did was add some straight metal braces to the side of the bed posts, where the two beds meet. Just make sure to get the right width for the brackets so they don’t extend into the sleeping area. I joined them on all 4 legs.

duktig pet bunk bed

Later, I found the vintage ceramic letters at a flea market and was delighted to be able to spell “bad” and “dog” with them. (Here’s a wood alternative)

duktig pet bunk bed

Naturally, the cat takes top bunk.

duktig pet bunk bed

The critters love their new bunk bed!

See this other post for full instructions on how to hack a bunk bed.

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flower bed

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#2 Vintage makeover for IKEA doll bed
vintage duktig bed

If you are looking for a cute vintage style bed for your little girl then this IKEA Hack is for you. I had purchased the DUKTIG Doll’s Bed for my daughter but wanted something that had more of a vintage look rather than the modern look it had. So with a few wood elements and some paint I was able to give the bed a vintage style makeover. You can see more details here.