Charge up with a Ljusa hand-powered USB charger

ljusa by 0lab

Materials: IKEA Ljusa hand powered flashlight

How many times have you been without a battery? I often! I then decided to hack the nice coffee grinder shaped IKEA Ljusa hand powered flashlight.

The procedure was simple it was enough to eliminate some resistors and use a capacitor sufficient to handle the charge given by the Ljusa’s dynamo.

IKEA Ljusa
ljusa USB charger

I set the output voltage to 5 volts, and I installed a USB socket. It only remained to modify the body of the torch. Then I printed the bottom of Lyusa filament transparent leaving only the space for the female USB plug.

The result you can see in the photos. Quite nice!

Now I will never be out of battery power, simply just a bit of “movement” and the batteries of my electronic devices will be charged … at least for the time of a call.

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