Foto Passive Sound Amplifier

DSCN0212 (640x480)

Materials: FOTO lamp shade

Saw something similar at another really high end furniture store. Waay to expensive but kinda cool.

Used a Foto light shade and wood scraps in my garage to create the amplifier. Wood holder centers the speaker of a Galaxy S4 right in the middle as well as provides a nice stabilizer for a stand.

Built the stand and attached it to the back of the lamp shade. Not bad sound, relatively speaking, and surprisingly fills the room.

DSCN0209 (640x480) DSCN0213 (640x480) DSCN0214 (640x480)

You can also just lay the phone in the back, it fits nicely. But the sound gets dramatically better when you center the speaker.

Will be working on a iPhone version by request. (my daughter). Speakers are in a different place so will need some design work to channel the sound.