Hackers Help: Tylosand Sleeper Sofa Cover hack for regular sofa


Hi Hackers!

We have long been in search of affordable Tylosand covers for some mismatched pieces we’ve managed to pick up this year. We finally found a great E-bay seller and after much back and forth about details we purchased the Kungsvik Sand covers for our loveseat and 3 seater pieces to create a bigger sectional. Unfortunately, it was unclear that one of the covers was for the sleeper sofa version of the Tylosand, which looks similar to our 3 seater but has a different system for the actual seat pillows. Basically, the two seat pillows are much thinner pillows that fold into the cover to create the illusion of a thicker seat pillow (you can see this more clearly in the bottom image), while our pillows are just two regular thickness pillows from the regular model (as they look in the top image). All other pillows/pieces can be worked around but the two seat cushions are where we’re totally stumped. Anyone have any genius ideas for how we can make this work?

Thanks in advance!