Seated Corner OR Standing Desk with Billy and Linmon

A few years ago I decided to build a standing desk, and after years of using one at home I finally got one for work too. But I think standing at work AND home is a bit much so I converted it to a regular seating desk using the same parts. All up it shouldn’t cost you more than $150 for the bookcases and the tabletop, even less if you can find a bargain in the cheap section. So here they both are:

Parts for Both:

  • 2 x Billy Bookcase (40x28x106 cm)
  • 1 x Linmon Tabletop (whichever size you like)

Note: My desks are made from the old Vika Amon tabletop, but they are essentially the same.

Standing Desk

2014-07-03 20.06.35

This is incredibly easy to make. Just assemble the bookcases, place the tabletop upside down on the floor then the bookcases upside down on top of it. Position them centrally (front/back) and on the sides of the tabletop then drill 4 long wood screws through the top of each bookcase and into the table top. Turn back upright and you have a standing desk.

BONUS: You can make a higher screen/computer level to give you a better screen height AND more desk space using 4 x Capita Stainless steel legs and 1 x Ekby Osten Shelf. It’ll add about $50 but, again, you can probably find the parts cheaper.

Seated Corner Desk:

2014-07-05 11.01.08

After dismantling my standing desk I was left with the 2 Billy Bookcases and the tabletop. I figured out that the 2 bookcases stacked on their sides is around the correct height for a desk. For this desk you will need a wall bracket or 2 to mount the table top to the wall on the opposite side to the bookcase. I was lucky because I had a spare wall bracket from the expedit shelf. You should be able to pick one up at the spare parts section if you want to use the same.

So, firstly determine which side of the bookcases you want the back to face and which side you want the shelves on, I have the shelves facing out. You want to stack the bookcases upside down to how you want them to face so that you don’t see the screws holing them together. Stack them upside down, and screw them together. You will need the perfect sized screws for this. Mine were a little short but I screwed into the shelf height holes to give them a little extra reach. You’ll want to put in at least 6; 2 at the top (front & back), middle and bottom.

Next the table top. Position the bookcases where you would like them to sit and hold the table top in place to give you an idea on how it will look to make sure you’re happy with it and you have all the positions correct. Measure the height of the bookcases and mark the same height on the opposite wall where you will be mounting the brackets. Make sure you have these correct! Place the tabletop in position again to make sure. Mount the brackets. Up to you how (my walls are masonry so I just used wall plugs and long screws, but you could also use anchor bolts if you’re paranoid). When the brackets are in place, position the bookcases again (my bookcases are offset from the edge of the desk to give it a bit of depth and edge, and also a bit more room underneath the desk) and place the tabletop on top in position, it should all sit nicely. Screw the tabletop to the bracket, and then the bookcases to the tabletop. Again use long screws and try and get in at least 3.

I am going to get a hole drill bit for the table top to pass cables through, but that is essentially done. 2 desks from 2 Billy’s and a Linmon tabletop.