Standing Desk LINNMON ADILS “Standing Desk on the Cheap Version 2”

Adils PVC 2

Adils PVC 1

I read that in a standard 8 hour workday, the average person can burn 400-450 more calories simply by standing. So, I decided to turn my Linnmon with standard Adils legs into a standing desk. The original desk was 29.5″ high from the floor to the tabletop. With this hack, it is 41.5″ off the ground. I am 5’10” and this works well for me. I am using a monitor arm to keep my monitor closer to eye level. Keep this is mind.

This long Linnmon table has 5 legs.

You will need:

5 pieces of 1.5″ x 2′ PVC pipes – these are pre-cut at Home Depot in the plumbing section. $2.89 each

Note: Take one of the Adil legs with you to the store. I found that some of the PVC pipes were too tight for the legs since the fit is very snug. Fit each PVC pipe with the leg to make sure every pipe can accommodate the Adils leg. And I strongly recommend a 2′ piece because the longer this PVC pipe, the more stable the unit will be (this is from trial and error from an earlier hack).

3 pieces of 1″ x 2′ PVC pipes – these are also pre-cut but you need to have them cut in half to make 6 12″ pieces (12″ length for each leg with one piece left over). $1.79 each

Note: This is the part that determines how high the tabletop will be. If you want the table to be more than 41.5″ high, these pieces will need to be longer and thus you may need more than 3 pieces of the 2′ pipe. So, make sure 41.5″ is the right height for you by measuring your elbow height off the ground with your arms folded at 90 degrees and make the necessary changes.

5 pieces of 1.5″ PVC cap. $0.96 each

pvc cap


1. Put the caps on the end of the 1.5″ PVC pipe.

2. Put the 1″ PVC pipe inside the 1.5″ PVC pipe.

3. Fit the Adils with the extension. Make sure the fit is snug and the Adils are resting firmly on the 1″ PVC pipe inside the 1.5″ PVC pipe.


Total cost excluding table and taxes: $24.62

My inspiration for this hack came from someone else’s earlier hack but I don’t have a drill press so I decided to use 1″ PVC pipe inside the 1.5″ instead.

I hope this cheap hack works for you!