SULTAN LADE Garden Bench

red bench1

Materials: Sultan Lade 90×200 cm

There is not much to say about it. You take an old (or a new) Sultan Lade, remove the ribbon (this is my most unloved part of the whole work), cut some slats to the right length for the feet and the seat, paint it in a nice colour (you don’t need to sand it before painting but you can create a vintage style with sand paper after painting – so did I) and use a lot of screws to build a bench. At the end I also paintet the screws in red (I used “Sweden Red”).

red bench2

This hack didn’t cost me anything additional because I used an old slatted frame LADE, the colour I already bought and used for a kitchen storage rack and the screws were at home in my husbands’ screw storage. Al together the bench was made in half a day – the most time I spent with waiting for drying of the colour.

And now my 2 cats can use it for a new sleeping place in the garden 🙂