BEKVAM for toothbrushes


Materials: BEKVÄM Spice Rack

We urgently needed something for our toothbrushes but I didn’t want to spend money. So I had the idea to take the plastic cups from the Ice Coffee I just drank and glue nice tissues on it. But this couldn’t be all I thought and so I got the idea to use the Bekväm spice rack which I still had leftover in the storage room. Then I decided to paint it white and brown that it will fit to rest of my bathroom furniture (my furniture in the bathroom are the mirror from Visdalen and the washing stand is the Bekväm kitchen island).


Additionally I took a leftover piece of wood, painted it blue and the spice rack was fixed on it after drilling 2 big holes for the cups so they wouldn’t fall over. Don’t forget to mention that I did the vintage look with sand paper on the blue colour (I love this old look).


You also can use the spice rack reversed, so you can hang towels or anything else on it. But there wasn’t enough space.

The pictures will show the single steps and I’m very satisfied with the result. Now I have to build another one for our 2 kids.