Billy CD Case Re-Engineered


Materials: Billy Bookcase (80x202cm), 6 x Billy CD inserts, 24mm birch faced ply

I kept my CD collection in a Billy bookcase for which I’d purchased the CD inserts (I think these are now discontinued). I’ve redecorated my home office and didn’t want the tall bookcase; I wanted to hang guitars on the wall, and this left no other suitable space for it.

I took the Billy bookcase and cut it down (badly as it turns out) into 3 parts that I could arrange side by side. I assembled the 3 individual parts and screwing the shelves into the uprights. A tip for the top is to countersink any screws by drilling a shallow hole into the laminate the same diameter as the screw head (8mm in my case) rather than using a countersink drill as the results with the countersink were not pretty (and luckily not visible). The 3 units were bolted together top and bottom at the back using M8 bolts. I’ve attached the base and top using screws into the uprights.

IMG_2372-Web IMG_2371-Web

As part of the office remodel, I’d purchased 2 sheets of 24mm birch face ply for a desk. 24mm is overkill for this, but it’s what I’d got laying around. I’ve used the cut off strips to make a base and top for the CD case. I’ve routed a roundover edge on the top, then sanded down and used Danish Oil to match the birch colour of the Billy.

While it’s not exactly Chippendale standard workmanship, it works. Thanks to this site and all the other IKEA hackers for inspiring me to do this.