EKBY LERBERG: Weed-Whacker Wall Mount

weed wacker

Bracket, Ekby Lerberg, Wall mount

I had a need to keep my brush trimmer off of the ground, but leaning it against a wall wasn’t working out. I used a piece of scrap plywood as the backer.  In this case, I made it 18″ wide so I could screw into the wood studs that are on 16″ centers. I fastened the long edge of the EKBY LERBERG brackets ($2/ea) to the plywood at a spacing that made sense for my specific weed-whacker.  Some spare foam taped to the top helps even it out when sitting on it and a piece of twine (chain could work, I just didn’t have any) across the front to avoid falling from any unintentional bumps.

Hope someone else can benefit from this idea.