MOLGER shelving above the throne

This is my continuation from my previous post: Molger from bathroom to kitchen shelf

From my last episode, I was still working (or rather — thinking) on the cut off legs from MOLGER.

As my original intention for my MOLGER was for my bathroom, it was hacked for kitchen use as it could not fit into my bathroom.

With the [MOLGER remaining legs + ALGOT metal shelf (60cm x 18cm) + some hacking], it now fits my bathroom needs.

Picture shows 3 ALGOT shelf, but it fits for 4.  I remove the bottom shelf for photo taking purpose, it can be fitted as and when needed.

show 1

With testing/thinking all possibilities of hacking with shelf, this current version is the lowest cost for additional parts.

The tricky part is to do good, accurate placement of the aluminium plates (see below pictures) WITH sufficient time and patience.

Below 3 pictures (with text descriptions) for everyone’s reference.  HAVE FUN!

shelf holders

fixing in shelf


4 securing screws