Hackers Help: Need ideas to counter severe lack of storage space


So, I’m loving the Big Apple after having moved here recently but am kind of frustrated with the lack of space that’s, well, everywhere. New York City is a bit cramped and hectic and, well, I’d like my home to be my tranquil oasis… without my belongings spilling out everywhere.

There’s storage space in the cellar, but that is total sketch-city… smelling of at least three different bodily fluids and weird things creeping around in the shadows… wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.

My dillemma: too much stuff*

My plea for help: how to organize/hide it all

*Yes, I will downsize and sell stuff on Craig’s List… I’m working on it!


I’ve included a couple pictures below of ideas that I could come up with… if you have any suggestions that would be SO helpful !!!

My PoA (Plan of Action) right now:

(1) I’m doing most of my shopping/decorating via CL, basically sticking to the rule of 20 – if I can find it for under $20 and it has at least 2 purposes (i.e. storage and footstool) then it’s got the green light.

(2) I don’t have a car, so like to shop online (at work, heehee) and have delivery to my doorstep if possible. I have splurged a bit and got a nice matress from ZenBeds and heavier groceries from Peapod (if you know of anything cheaper, please let me know!).

(3) As simple as possible…. I don’t have a circular saw, or a flame thrower, so let’s just stick to screws and nails shall we?

Ideas so far…

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Thanks for any help or suggestions!

xoxo Amy

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