Hackers Help: Top for BRIMNES kitchen island

Photo: IKEA.com

I have a relatively narrow but long kitchen, and I wanted to hack a BRIMNES in order to create a kitchen island. All similar hacks which I found here mount the top/table on two or more BRIMNES, while for the space I have I’d need to develop the island in length, fixing one of the short sides of the top on the BRIMNES and installing GERTON legs on the other (they are the only legs high enough for the BRIMNES).

Unfortunately, BRIMNES is 78cm wide and I’ll need a 80/85cm cm wide top. The only one which seems could fit is the TORSBY table top (85cm x 135cm), but it’s way too long for me. Ideally, I’d need something 110cm (max 120cm) long.

Do you have any idea for an alternative? The glass TORSBY is slightly shorter, but I couldn’t fix the legs on it.
Otherwise, has anybody ever tried to trim a TORSBY? Is it possible to do it?

Many thanks for your help!

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