MALM glass plate and DIODER LED wall light

MALM hack 5

Materials: BEHANDLA woodoil white, DIODER RGB LED, MALM glass plate white

LED wall lamps are quite expensive so I looked for a nice looking cheaper alternative. When walking though IKEA I saw the DIODER light strips and the idea of designing something myself was born.

The plan was to mount a white MALM glass plate on the wall and have the DIODER leds mounted between wall and plate to light up the glass plate. But how to mount the glass plate on the wall with enough space for the DIODER?

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I’ve bought a wooden slat, cut it into two pieces and also cut a notch into it which was a little bit wider than the glass plate. In fact, the glass plate fitted nicely into the notch. After painting the slats whith BEHANDLA I mounted the bottom wood slat onto the wall, added the electric part and finalzed the lamp by mounting the top wooden slat.

I can turn the lamp on and off by a regular wall switch while for changing the colors I use the DIODER wheel.