Ultra Simple Wardrobe with New* NORDLI + 2x MALM


Materials: NORDLI 6 drawer dresser, MALM dressing table x 2

How to?

Photo: IKEA.com
Photo: IKEA.com


– Assemble the Nordli chest as per IKEA’s assembly instructions.

– For the first Malm dressing table (to be stacked on top), assemble everything but the glass

– For the second Malm dressing table (at the bottom, inverted), assemble everything except the drawer and glass.

– Add a bar to the underside of the first Malm.

WARNING > Between top and inverted MALM, there are 4 holes. Put in 4x stick of wood to attach the 2x Malm together.

(The above was translated by Google. Here’s the original submission in French)


– Meuble nordli comme sur la notice.
– Mount Nordli like ikea paper

– 1ère coiffeuse Malm (haut), montez tout sauf la vitre
– 1st Malm, mount all exempt the glass

– 2ème coiffeuse Malm (bas en inversée), montez tout sauf le tiroir et la vitre.
– 2nd Malm, mount all exept galss and box.

– Ajouter une barre pour la penderie.
– Add Bar

ATTENTION > Sous les pieds de la coiffeuses, il y a 4 trous, insérer les colonnettes en bois (4x) pour solidariser les 2 coiffeuses ensemble.

Happy hacking!