Bekvam lives loud as guitar amp


So, I had a BEKVAM stool and some electronic spare parts from various projects/repairing etc, so I decided to put everything together and see… no particular planning on this one.

First, I had to move the back  bar of the stool in order to let the speaker fit in. As you can see in the first photo, I replaced the stock one with a new one, a little longer of course.

IMAG0552 IMAG0550 IMAG0545 IMAG0544

The old one becomes part of the brand new guitar holder, mounted on the side of the BEKVAM. There are two wood sticks holding two cork pads, which are the ones responsible of the actual guitar holding.

I used some scrap wood (painted in various colors) to close the sides and the bottom (just to avoid electrocution to my cats…) and that’s it.

Hope you enjoy it,

Raffaele Stopponi, Italy.