Cat litter cover from KRITTER table


Another version.


IKEA table to buy-
‘Kritter Children’s Table’. Comes in red, blue, and white.

Foam boards I bought from Michael’s Craft.(any craft store) They sell precut. The size I bought-
20 x 30 x 3/16 inches (508 x 762 x 5mm). You then cut it to the measurements below.

The fabric needs to be wrapped over the plywood and foam board at least 3 cm.

I bought Spruce plywood at the hardware store. 1/2 inch, half sheets about $15.00-$17.00
(There must be room for the fabric and the crossover for the screw brackets between the plywood and legs of the table, at least 1/2 a cm)

The two sides of the table with the longest length.
Plywood and foam board should be-
44 cm length
49 1/2 cm width

The one sides of the table with the shortest length.
Plywood and foam board should be-
44 cm length
41 1/2 cm width

Flat-head screws-5/8″
Flat washers-1/6″
Flat brackets-2-1/2×5/8

It is best to get a small or medium litter box (with cover on.) A jumbo will fit but is might be a little tight. Pick a fabric pattern that complements the area. Put the litter cover preferably a low traffic/quiet area in your flat or house. Cats need a quiet area to do their business. I have seen cat litter boxes combined with food dishes. I would NOT recommend using these. Just as humans do not like eat in the bathroom (most anyways. LOL), same with pets.


It is a good idea to put a table cloths and scented diffusers on top of the table. I also put a BORRIS Door mat tucked under the front of the box to catch the excess litter.


I uploaded step-by-step pictures and instructions here.