Extendable Kitchen Island using Expedit and Linmon

extendable kitchen table3
extendable kitchen table2

Materials: Expedit, Linmon, OLOV, Rill

We originally wanted a table at the end of our kitchen that could be easily moved out of the way. But we had no money left in the budget for one. So we added casters to our old Expedit, and used a no-longer-needed Linmon table top. But we like the way it worked as an island, and we still needed it to be a table, so we added the legs to the table top and made it a sliding top by nailing quarter-round to the underside to make a guide that allows it to slide out to whatever length we like.

IMG_20140821_172418_1 IMG_20140821_172432_1

We don’t recommend using Olov legs as we did, because they really aren’t long enough, and we had to rivet them into place to prevent their sliding down and becoming too short. Try the Gerton leg if you can stomach the price ($30 each).

Something else I like about this island is that I can move it to the end of the kitchen to make a buffet when we have guests, so I show it in that position too.

extendable kitchen table7
extendable kitchen table6
extendable kitchen table5
extendable kitchen table4