Hanging Curtains without Drilling with ORE Shower Curtain Rod


1. I didn’t want to mess up my wall by drilling it.

2. I went to IKEA in Germany and bought two of the ORE shower curtain rod. They’re very cheap here.

3. Because my windows were shorter than the origin length of the shower curtain rod, I went to the DIY store. I shorten the rod to the length on both sides, on the left and right side. It took me 2 minutes to shorten it. We cut off round about 5 inches from each shower curtain rod.

4. I didn’t want to use curtain rings because I don’t like how they look like. So I bought the reduced MARIAM curtains, 1 pair was pretty cheap.

5. Because it works great for my wall, I think it will works for every rental wall. Just give them a try. Good luck!