IKEA Kryssare digispark hack


Take an LED, a battery, plug this in a lamp made ​​of transparent plastic, add in a piece of iron on the spherical base, and here’s a nice battery night light. This is the lamp Kryssare from IKEA.

We 0lab found it irresistible, so irresistible that we had to “hack it” … we thought we could change the color of the light emitted by the LED, replacing it with a RGB led. After the initial design, we opened the lamp. Immediately you notice the attention to detail that IKEA puts in its products. We found that we had enough space and opt for the use of the card digispark.

We unsoldered the LED in the lamp and in its place we have mounted a digispark with a RGB LED shield, a touch sensor as input. The programming code of the processor, based on the language of the Arduino sketch, is based on a simple algorithm for generating random color. We proceeded to adjust the values ​​to have warm colors and soft. For the power supply of the digispark we use the batteries supplied with the lamp. The result is amazing: a beautiful lamp battery which, if touched, infinite changing shades of colors … magic? No is the 0lab’s touch.

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