Pivoting FOTO lamp

DSC_0007 DSC_0010

Materials: FOTO pendant lamp

Here are the sequence of steps I took:

1. Decided that I’m going to turn this pendant lamp into a pivoting wall lamp.

2. Decided how long the pivoting arm was going to be, and drew the side view of the new lamp at full scale.

3. Went to the hardware store and stared for ages at all the bolts and hinges until I finally worked out how to make a pivot with a hex bolt and eye bolts.


4. Made a wooden arm with a short cross piece at one end, and another wooden piece to fix to the wall.

5. Drilled lots of holes: for the cord to pass through, for the eye bolts, for the screws to fix it to the wall….


6. Routed the back of the wall piece to allow the cable to be channeled down the back of it.

7. Cut the plug off the FOTO lamp cord so the cord can be threaded through the holes. Attached a new plug to the end of the cord.

8. Installed on the wall.

9. Had fun pivoting our new lamp.