Quick idea: Last minute DIY low cost Halloween mugs


Saturday I was thinking to create a decoration for Halloween in which I would like to combine two of our main themes: low cost and Ikea hacks! As you know all that we offer in the post is characterized by being almost zero cost and are often used Ikea items, or things that you already have at home. So I went to retrieve two mugs that I had bought from Ikea, model FARGRIK, cost $ 0.99, one black and one orange; I have now pretty much all the colors available in these mugs! I had no markers to draw on ceramics and then, frankly, I did not want to draw permanently affixed to the cups (they can serve for another hack!) So I took the cardboard white and orange and the double sided tape. I would say that the total cost of this decoration for Halloween is, individually, less than $ 1.20.


In addition to being low cost this Halloween decor is also super easy: you have to draw and cut out the silhouettes of Jack-o’-lantern and a ghost with cardstock, glue them with double sided tape on the cups … et voilà, in five minutes you will have your low cost Halloween mugs! Uses: as Halloween decor, maybe combined with another low cost decorations, balloons in pumpkin and ghost! You can use it to put in Halloween treats, or as a gift for Halloween …. Just remove the card and you can reuse mugs for breakfast … or for the next project !!

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