Crafty Secretary


Materials: AKURUM cabinet, Harlig door, Lindingo cover panel, Rubrik Turquoise doors

Wanting a tidy place to put away my kid’s art and craft supplies that were taking over our living space, I came up with this solution.


From Ikea, I was able to get 24″x30″ and 18″x 30″ Akurum cabinet boxes from the ‘as is’ section, as well as the largest cover panel in the Lindingo grey. I bought new doors in Harlig white and Rubrik turquoise. All other hardware (legs, hinges, handles and chain) was bought at my local hardware store.

By placing the cabinet boxes sideways and adding legs, the drop down door (secured with chain) was at the right height to serve as a workspace. I cut the cover panel to hide all the seams and give it a finished look. After making sure it was all cut properly, I glued and screwed the components together.

And now creativity has a home that doesn’t take over the space!