Hackers Help: Can anyone identify this sofa??

Ikea gurus, please can anyone tell me the model name of this sofa? It’s a 2-seater and looks a bit like an Ektorp but it has straight arms rather than curved ones. The covers are all removable. I can supply dimensions if that helps.

I inherited it and it desperately needs recovering thanks to some sofa-loving cats in its old home. I have absolutely no idea how old it is but it’s really comfy and I don’t want to get rid of it!

Any suggestions on how else to find out which model it is are most appreciated. Thanks 🙂



You can try www.knesting.comwww.bemz.com or comfort-works.com for help in identifying the sofa and new covers. Or of course, you can dye the slipcovers to cover the stains. ~ Jules