Hacking with your kids: “Lampan” mushroom lamp


Today I would like to show you a little Ikea Hack which is perfect for the nursery. And best of all: you can do it together with your little ones. Like most of us, children love crafting. So in the following I will show you an ‘IKEA-HACK FOR CHILDREN’.

First you would need to buy a white and a red IKEA LAMPAN, replace the red lamp shades and use it for the other lamp. Now you need some utensils to turn the lamp into an individual light for children.

For the following steps you will need:
– a pencil
– scissors
– some white stick-on labels
– a coin

Step One:
Put the coin on the white label and edge it with the pencil.
You will need about 30 circles for LAMPAN.

Step Two:
Cut out the circles with the scissors.

Step Three:
Stick the circles on the lampshades.

That’s it!
Just an easy ‘Beginners-Hack’ for your children to give their nursery an individual touch. And of course it´s something for them to be proud of because they made it themselves.

You can find the detailed description (in German) here.

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~ Saustarkdesign Team