Lack, lack, lack in a heaven’s door


I wanted a sliding door for my bedroom but the wall where the door was supposed to hide was too small. So I had to find a trick. My idea was to make a folding door. But it was not enough. It had to be awesome, quick and easy to make.


Ikea items hacked :
– 3 LACK side tables – high gloss white
– 1 LACK side table – orange
– 2 LACK wall shelf – birch effect

Other items used :
– 1 sliding door system
– 4 hinges
– 6 fixing brackets
– adhesive paper – oak effect
– mat acrylic paint – orange
– some screws

The advantages of using Ikea LACK items :
– the LACK items are lights
– the finish is already great, no need to paint the front side

I used the 4 tables to make the main part of the door. I assembled the sliding door system to it and then added the wall shelf with the hinges. I chose not to fix the 2 shelves together, that way I can just close that upper part and let the cat go take a nap in the bedroom.