Meet Cratelley – Eco friendly wine crate trolley

Eco friendly wine crate trolley

Materials: IKEA IVAR side unit – Article Number : 301.928.42, wine crates

The purpose of this hack is to build a eco-friendly multipurpose trolley for lightweight storage use. Meet Cratelley (yup, that’s its new name)

Trolley + Wine Crate = Cratelley. :p

Step 1 – Used wine crates. They can be obtained from most wine shop for few dollars or even free.

Step 2 – We are building a 80cm tall trolley, and will be using IKEA’s IVAR system side unit x 1pc. (30 x 226cm)

Step 3 – Measure 80cm and use a hand saw to separate the side unit into 2 equal lengths (80cm each) We will use them as supporting frame for the wine crates.

Step 4 – Using taping screw, secure the wine crates to each frame. (TIPS: 80cm will be good for 3 wine crates storage)

Step 5 – Once secure all 3 wine crates, add (optional) castors to the bottom and you’re done!

Step 6 – Apply IKEA SKYDD wood treatment oil to wood crates and side unit to prolong its life.