IKEA Stolmen retro “George Nelson inspired” hack

stolmen george nelson inspired 1

stolmen george nelson 2

In November 2014 I started my search for a new Bookshelf. My first choice was the Besta-System but unfortunately I heard about the plans, that Ikea will change the whole system in 2015.

So I had to reconsider…

After some weeks of planning and searching the net, I found the “George Nelson Wall-Unit” and what can I say… I had fallen in love 😉

After some more weeks of researching, I came to the conclusion, that there was no affordable way to get one of these wall units here in Germany. The only way to get something alike was to build it on my own.

I bought some of parts of the Stolmen System and four racks of the Fyndig modular kitchen system. Here a list of the used Parts:

5 x Stolmen pipes

35 x Stolmen brackets

4 x Fyndig wall closet (60 cm x 80 cm x 35 cm)

20 x blanks (european spruce) (80 cm x 25 cm)

40 x aluminium angel section (6 cm x 2 cm x 25 cm)

black coating, a lot of screws and infinite patience.

It took nearly four weeks to build it up (and I am still not finished), but I really love the result.

Just have a look 🙂

George Nelson inspired

stolmen george nelson 3

stolmen george nelson 4

stolmen george nelson 5

stolmen george nelson 6

stolmen george nelson 7

stolmen george nelson 9

stolmen george nelson 10


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Update: May 29, 2015
I’ve hacked the JANSJÖ lamp to light up the shelving. Here’s how it looks.