Tuck me in

fully bed length quilt cover

Materials: BRUNKRISSLA quilt cover, Kura bed, MORGONGÅVA

Kura bed is 2m long, the mattress MORGONGÅVA is 20cm thick, but ALL of the IKEA quilt single covers are only* 200cm.

That means that all of the single beds are made covering only half (or 2/3, depending how well you can make a bed) of the mattress, because, of course, every quilt cover needs some fabric underneath the mattress to hold – especially in children’s beds.

So, instead of abandoning the idea of a bed fully covered up, I stitched half of an old table cloth to the end of the BRUNKRISSLA cover, and extended its measure by 50 cm.

This extra fabric goes underneath the fabric, you can’t spot it, so any color will do.

That way, I can cozy up and tuck in my kid at night – his bed is tight and will hold all night long!

* If I were a designer, I would suggest quilts to be at least 2.5 m long, to allow beds to be properly made and so that quilts could be folded under the mattresses.

For this hack: BRUNKRISSLA + 0.5 m of fabric (1.5m wide)

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