DIY Card Catalog / Apothecary from RAST for $75

DIY Card Catalog

Materials: RAST dresser

Shirley is very nostalgic for library card catalogs so we decided to make a card catalog. We settled on using a RAST dresser because of its hackability.

We added the following items to the basic RAST:
1) plywood faux drawer fronts
2) thin (3/4″) screen moulding to simulate a face frame cabinet look for the card catalog
3) label handle/hardware and knobs
4) stain and sealer


The plywood drawer fronts and screen moulding were glued onto the RAST drawers and clamped. See pictures 2 and 3 for their arrangement.

We were pleased to complete the project for about $75 (or $40 in addition to the RAST dresser).

Please check out the full details of the hack on our blog.