Girly – Billy Shoe Closet

BILLY shoe closet ideas

Materials: 3 Billy 40 cm wide

I have this very nice closet in my hallway, I thought it would be just perfect for my shoes (I love shoes) when we bought the apartment. I searched a while on the net to find ideas to upgrade it, and i was on my way to buy 122 cm wide cut-to-measure shelves to complete my storage when I realized that 3 x 40 cm = 120 cm = 3 IKEA famous Billy!

I bought a nice wall paper (chosen by my 7 years old princess), some nice wood-molding, already painted. I put the wall paper on the back of the book case, which was trickier than I thought. I fitted all 3 Billy fixed together in the closet and fixed the frame to hide the space between the bookcases and the closet wall, and fixed one between bookcases, to hide the line.

I put the shelves with the front lower, to display the shoes nicely, and added a little molding in the front so the shoes did not slide et voilà !