Hackers Help: IKEA Fredde Desk Vs Suggestions?

ikea fredde desk


I am looking into becoming a YouTube Gamer and need a suitable desk. I have about 4ft of space to work with and a budget of around £100 but it can be stretched for the right desk. I found the Fredde desk recently and at first thought it looked amazing! Upon closer research with other threads and forums people did mention it looked cramped and I kind of agree. Also I may have to remove the speaker side panels to make it fit which is kind of a bummer.

So my question to you is this: Do I invest in Fredde Workstation as its the best I’ve seen or does anyone have a better suggestion ?? 🙂

ikea fredde desk

Many thanks,

Oliver Turp (aka TurpoChargedGaming)

P S. I cannot stand keyboard drawers, which narrows down my search, I know….

Image credit: IKEA.com


Hi Oliver

The Fredde is a great desk at its price and how cramp it is depends on how much equipment you have.

If you prefer something more spacious, you may have to hack one, like this.

~ Jules