IKEA KURA Double Bunk Bed + Extra hidden bed (Sleeps 3!)

I have only a little experience in creating furnitures, so this KURA hack can be made by everyone with just few hours free time and 35 EUR for materials.

I own only basic screwdriver with drill function and that was enough.

I bought all needed materials from the local DIY store – they cut the planks for me in these sizes:

IKEA KURA double bunk bed hack

List 1:

2 x 4x4x200cm

1 x 4x8x200cm

4 x 4x4x90cm

4 x 4x4x27cm

1 x 4x4x19cm


List 2:

2 x 2x2x200cm

20 x wood screws 40mm


List 3:

20 x wood screws 70mm

~ 30 x wood screws 25/30 mm

2 x screw with nut 90/100mm

10 x L-shaped plates 2cm wide and 9-10cm length of each shoulder

1 x plywood 90x19cm

1 x slatted bed base


1. First of all you have to buy all the stuff. Initially I bought all plates 4x4cm but they were too soft to be used without support so I decided to replace the front plate with stronger 4x8cm one.

2. You have to split together the planks from List 1 with 70mm wood screws. First you have to drill a hole before turning the screws to ensure that there is no spring board. Be sure you don’t strike the screws.


3. Mount the L-shaped plates on all upper angles without on the front plate.

4. Mount the plates from List 2 on 2cm from the top to support the slatted bed base.

5. Mount the slatted bed base with screws


6. Split KURA bed and our extension together with 2 x screw with nut 90/100mm, mounted on the rear long plate and 4 wood screws 70mm hidden screwed under the sides.


7. Mount somehow the plywood 🙂